Every two years, a football World Cup? The figures are conducted by an expert.

  Fifa began exploring the possibility of holding a men's football World Cup every two years rather than every four years in May 2021. Since then, more plans have been revealed, and the proposal, which originated in Saudi Arabia, has received support from a number of international organizations. Fifa’s head of global football development and former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger says he is “100 percent convinced” it is the correct path forward for the sport. Others, including fan organizations, have already spoken out against the plan. Uefa, responsible for overseeing football in Europe, has threatened a boycott, with its head Aleksander Ceferin commenting: “We may decide not to participate in it … So, good luck with that World Cup." More frequent and high-quality football entertainment, as well as the opportunity to raise more funds for player development in poorer countries, are both arguments in favor of the scheme. Those opposed argue that there is a loss of novelty value a